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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Smitten with making gum paste shoes

          Day 127 of moulding gum paste flowers & objects.  I seem to love moulding shoes too.  After making a few types of baby shoes, I made a lady's slip on sandals.  I was tremendously happy with making the slip on as it was easy doing a bigger shoe but I still wasn't satisfied.  I have been wanting to make a high heel lady's shoes, and even after seeing a few tutorials on Youtube, I still could not do the heels.  I saw this heel mould in one of the sites where we can buy online but it was way, way out of my budget, I would have to cough off a few hundred dollars including shipping charges and IF I am still working, I would have bought it in a heart beat so when I went for my second gum paste class recently, I saw this darling, small silicon shoe mould which was purrfect as it was just the right size for me & the best thing, it cost lesser than 50 bucks :) I was ecstatic, couldn't be happier.  I took it off the rack, along with 2 more, a tin mould of a lady's dress and a silicon button mould, I have also been facinated with the different types of button & headed for the paying counter. 

            So after the class I headed home with such rapture, I could NOT wait until the next day to try making the high heel shoes.  So that same nite I made the shoes & the next day I added a ribbon!!! Then I brain stormed myself with this question, "What IF I want to make the shoe stand by itself?"  Hmm, I slept on it. 

           Next morning I came up with this solution; hoping against hope that IT would work.  I decided to add a small piece of black gum paste at the bottom of heel & at the bottom of the front part of the shoe & voila, IT stood tall!!! For me, I guess it is when we are hungry for something & we want something real bad, we will try anything & most times, with alot of passionate practice, we, sometimes, do succeed. 

                               Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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