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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wedding cake class

         I nutured a dream twenty five years ago that I would, one day, learn & make a wedding cake then out of nowhere I felt the urge that it was high time that I realised that dream, not so much, that I want to take wedding cake orders as they are quite stressful, but for the fact that I wanted to round up my knowledge on baking. Those dreams were partly responsible for making me the person that I am now, the rest were 4 Ps;  pure Passion, perservance, patience & practice; practice makes perfect yah!!! I am who I am comes to mind.

         I have seen, countless times, on Youtube how to cover the cake with fondant & stacking the tiers up but I needed to see up close, take shots on my camera of the various steps & most important, taking notes. The wedding cake class I went recently was very informative and enjoyable & I was quite pleased with my own effort. 


                       I came back & placed the wedding cake topper that I bought last year & it made the cake; simple & complete.

                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 


Nichole said...

beautiful job on the orchids!

Ophelia said...

Thank you Nichole. God bless.

Sweetcherryberry said...