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Monday, December 24, 2012

More gum paste adventures - gum paste name tags

            We went for a short break thinking that it would just be a time for exploring the vast changes in beautiful Singapore, seeing that it has certainly been quite a while since we were there and tasting the food outlets.  Little did I suspect that I would come across Phoon Huat Co. (Pte) Ltd@ in Bencoolen Street a shop selling baking ingredient. [Also would like to say that the staff there were very helpful, haha & when I went to the shop the second time the next day, one of the staff said "Again?" & I smiled as little did she know that I am a shopaholic when it came to my baking passion]. The minute I saw the shop, which was not very far from where we stayed, I dashed in as I wanted to check whether I could buy some Gelatine Leaves.  After buying same, I browsed around the shop & lo & below, I saw so many of moulds for making gum paste, hehe.  There were so many moulds imported from England, I quietly looked around for some of the things that I saw online which I admired from afar.  

           I was happy and purchased a boot mould, the guide mould, the Celpad mould [which would enable me to roll and simultaneously make a few Orchid [my favourite flower to make] petals at one go but the one thing that made me smile in delight was seeing a mould to make heels for high heel shoes [again my favourite to make but never found success as didn't have a proper mould to make the heel, the only disappointment was that I didn't find a former for the sole of the shoe to rest but not to worry I had that covered as I bought a shoe, & like I saw on line, I stripped the top and side of the shoe].  Haha I bought so many "new toys" and even though with the high exchange rate, I was happy leaving the shop even though it burnt a big hole in my pocket.  I just couldn't wait to go home to play.

          Here are some of my latest gum paste adventure.  I was happy to buy a tag mould as I wanted to make some colored gum paste tags so that I can write on same with Royal Icing & then make a cake, [I just baked a Carrot cake] cover it with Cream Cheese Frosting and use the tags to decorate the cake & bring it as a gift for a Christmas dinner.

                    I didn't like the Green color that I bought, so I mixed Yellow & Blue to get this.  I love it as it looks so vibrant; hope that the next time I can get the same shade!!!

                 There love the boots & used my mat to get an emboss effect.  Wasn't too pleased with the baloon mould that I bought.

                   Love the Black tag then I mixed some white & black to get a few, different marble effect. Till my my post, wishing you a Blessed & Merry Christmas & a wonderful 2013 filled with better tomorrows, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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