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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blessed & a very Happy 2014

            To one & All a very Blessed & Happy 2014.  May Abba Father shower HIS Blessings on you and your family & may we make this as one of our New Year Resolutions that we show and pour more Love, Hope, Joy, Peace & Compassion to others so that the Love, Peace & Joy of Christ can be easily recognized, understood & adopted by others.

            To ALL my friends thank you for being a part of my life & yes, Nicole, I know you will drop bye my blog, wishing you & Farmie  a Blessed & Very Happy New Year & enjoy motherhood, love you dear. 

             Till my next post, xoxo, God bless, Ophelia. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jingle bells, jingle bells ...

             A Blessed & Merry Christmas. May the Light of our Lord Jesus shine & bring All of us Hope, Peace, Love & Joy. 

              Sorry for being away so long as had so many fruit cake orders, twelve in all, as this year I decided to take the fruit cake orders just to get my blood pumping & of course to line my purse!!! I had fruit cake orders, savoury cup cake orders & if you were to ask me, am I tired? I will tell you that I was busy since mid November, marinating the dried fruits, and today was my last cake before Christmas & during that time, I blocked away the thought of tiredness as if I were to think of it, I think I would have caved in!!! So for now no more cake orders till after Boxing Day then there will be 2 more fruit cakes to be baked as my friends told me not to worry about baking them before Christmas & any time after Christmas would be fine :) & then my last cake for the year would be my Banana Rum Cheese cake to be collected on 31st December.  Then, haha, I have given myself "a week's leave" to rest & then it's back to baking mode again; 2 more fruit cakes & Orange cakes orders for CNY. I think I won't be taking any more than that for CNY as, though I had a good time baking, it involves a lot of "discipline" when you have to bake for friends and customers & doing a lot of baking, checking whether enuf ingredients & dashing to the ingredient shops when my "stock" run low. My poor husband, I haven't cooked a proper dinner for a month now but in between baking for orders, I did pamper him by baking my Sugee cake & Siew Pau for him. Knowing that it would be quite tiring I had to refuse a few orders with much regret as I wanted a day in between baking to rest a little otherwise I think I would have caved in!!! And best of all when I went to the cake ingredient shop 2 days ago, I saw an Angry Bird mould, bought it & can't wait for January so that I can "play" with it.  I would probably bake a cake & decorated with the Angry Bird & bring it to my favourite Orphanage & then I went to another ingredient shop a few doors away & this time I saw some Christmas & Halloween moulds & of course I had to buy these also & the shop owner said, "Wao you are very clever yah, to buy these even when Halloween has passed & Christmas 3 days away!!!" I was thinking to myself if you know me better, you would know that for me, it doesn't matter as I would now have more time to practise using same.

                 Wishing you all a Blessed & truly Merry Christmas & an auspicious 2014. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

From my heart to yours

              Shalom again :) I seem to be picking up from where I left off today. The Blog bug was bugging me to "pick up my pen" and start blogging again. 

              So here I am and today it is to post the picture of the Brownie cake I baked for the Hub's birthday.  I learnt same quite some time ago and have not tried baking same and yes, I do have this penchant of not trying something new earlier & then suddenly to "wake up" & decide to bake it & this time I had a good reason to do so.  

               For a few days I was conceptulazing in my mind that I would bake the Brownie cake & then for the topping, instead of doing the one which came with the Brownie recipe, I decided I would use another topping from another recipe that I learnt & yes, I did not make that topping too, & in essence  "to marry" the two of them together. That topping is a Chocolate Non Whipping Cream which is pure decadence; purrfect for my Chocoholic husband.  

                    I am not so much a Chocolate lover and have always love a cake that is light and never cared much for a dense cake.  Well this Brownie was slightly dense but moist as the sour cream in the cake made it moist and, as I type now I am shaking my head, to concur that the sour cream really did jump start the cake. So after he ate a piece of his birthday cake I asked him how did he find the cake, well the Chocoholic gave me a thumbs up and a 10/10 rating. He never ever gave me full marks for anything before, usually he would give me an 8 or 9 if he loves something as his rationale was that if he gave me full marks, I would not step up my game & reach the next level!!! But he got me wrong there as pure passion for baking & cooking runs alongside deep into my veins & I always wanting to reach out for the stars in my pursuit for both.
                  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


       And I wish you, "Shalom again". Sorry gals for not posting any recently as Christmas being round the corner and so many Fruit cake and birthday cake orders that I just have time to check my Blog daily. Yes, even though I have not posted any recently, my Blog is still very much a big part of myself, *wink, wink, I will be back with a vengence after the holidays, yah!!!

     Wishing all of you a Blessed Christmas. May the birth of our Lord, Jesus reminds us of the immense Love of the Trinity for us and reminds us of His suffering and Death on the Cross for our sins and yes, a very auspicious New Year too. God bless. Ophelia. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gum paste Cartoon figure

         A very good friend asked me last October whether I would contribute a recipe/recipes for a cook book that her Church friends were going to publish & the proceeds of which were to go towards a school for special children. My immediate response was "Yes, I will be delighted".  She then told me that she would give my number to the group that were doing this project.

        So I contributed my Orange cake recipe, which is a plain Orange cake without any cream, which was one of my signature cakes & my Nyonya Prawn Lemak with Pineapples. Then they asked me whether I would like to join their cell group which of course I did :) 

        I believe that God always has a reason for everything and everything is done in His Time.  I think HE knew that I always wanted to learn the Bible and after joining their cell meetings, whenever their Church had anything in relation to the Bible, I would be there as I wanted to spend more time in this area that I neglected in my youth.

        So finally the Cook Book would be launched middle of November. We had the soft launch a couple of weeks ago & a few of us brought whatever we were contributing. Now comes the D day & we have to, again, whatever food or cake we contributed. So as for me, haha, it is quite apparent that I would be having a ball. I would be again bringing my Orange cakes & this time I thought I would go one step forward i.e. if what I conceptualise in my mind works.  I thought that one of the Orange cakes that I would be bringing, I would "dress" same in some form of cream, either a butter cream or a Chocolate Ganache then I would place the cartoon figure [gum paste of course!!!] in the centre of the cake and perhaps, yah perhaps, if all goes well I would make some grass like design all round the cake so that the sides of the cake would look like a flower, hopefully :) and again if all goes well, hopefully, that this cartoon cake would bring some joy to the special kids ie if they are coming.

              Had to make this earlier as it take time for the gum paste to dry. Do let me know if you find this picture cute. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mini Pizza bread with a Cajun infused Chicken filling

                Baked these mini Pizza bread for dinner again as, as per my New Year Resolution in 2010, I kept on baking more and more bread as prior to 2010 I never baked much bread inspite of learning so many versions of bread since 2002, and was quite "terrified" of baking bread and real glad that after 3 years of frequent bread practices, I am now no longer terrified of same.  




                Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Egg Custard with a Ginger Caramel

          I love Egg Custard. My granny used to steam it for us. Today I thought it was time I made some as the recipe was sitting in my shelf for so long & it was baked under bain marie.

          The texture of the egg custard was silky & had a slight hint of ginger juice but the next time I make it again, which would probably be soon, I would increase the ginger juice slightly as I love ginger and eating this custard reminded me of my granny. Thank you Ah Poh for taking care of us and I have not forgotten you.

           Love the golden rich color & the way the Ginger Caramel oozing out waiting for me to devour same!!!

           Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gum paste decor with a Christmas theme

            After buying the mould, I couldn't wait to try making the decor & when I saw there were deep depression on some of the pattern, I could not contain my excitement as the first thought that ran through my mind was to try, & yes I said try as I have not attempted this style, to make a 2 and 3 tone effect but first I needed to complete my cake orders and make some gum paste as I have run out of same so two nights ago I made the gum paste & last night I made the gum paste decor & this morning I just gave them a little touch up, yay!!! 

            Can't wait for someone to order cupcakes so that I could make these & place on them. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Bow cake

           I was churning in my head over what cake to bake that would befit a much loved Aunty; a cake which could stand on its own; without any need to fuss with any decor? Then I thought of the bow pan that I bought many years ago & which I have baked my Orange cake twice with.

          There are a few reasons why I hesitated to use that pan as I felt that the cake, though it looked splendid, would be slightly dry at the edges.  This, of course, is my personal view & without prejudice. I needed to tweek on my trusted Orange cake for this particular pan & did a brain storming & do a trial run before the birthday. I finally came up with the idea that I would incorporate some whipping cream to the Orange & Lemon Juice to make a sour cream from scratch.  I have in other instances added sour cream to a Sugee cake which made the Sugee cake more moist so why not now? And this time I decided that since I had Passion fruit juice in the freezer that this time for the sour cream I would use Orange & Passion fruit juice.  I have not used Passion fruit juice before & I was pretty excited so I did just that & when the cake was in the oven; I was twiddling my toes & crossing my fingers; hopping that this time I would strike it rich, no pun intended!!!

          After removing the cake from the oven, I cooled it for 10 minutes before I unmoulded same with so much ease; just turned it onto the rack & it came down easily. When the cake cooled down sufficiently; I cut a piece for myself & the Hubs & with abated breath, I tasted same. I found that it was quite soft & waited for the next morning to give it another review & viola, my sour cream did the trick so now I bake this cake for the birthday!!! Yay!!! 

              Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Making Puff Pastry again

             Now to get cracking & flex those muscles again. It's time for making Puff Pastry again. When I made a Cajun Pork filling for Pizza Buns for dinner a few nites ago, I purposely made extra filling so that I could use same for my Puff Pastry. 

            Making the Puff Pastry from scratch again & hope I will have some savoury Puff Pastries for tea tomorrow. 

            For those interested in this recipe, I think I have same in my Blog. 

            Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Carrot cake with Cream Cheese frosting

              A good friend ordered a Carrot cake for a shared birthday.

                 Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hub's tea & Pot Bless - Cream Puffs

            Good morning. It has been a while since I made Cream Puffs for the Hubs.  What prompted me to make the Cream Puffs was three fold. (a) I saw the All Stars Australian MasterChef 2012 recently where the past MasterChef participants had to do a Croquembouche basically making Cream Puffs & stacking them like a tower & the cream puffs were coated, I think it was, with some sort of caramel, perhaps a Toffee Caramel & finally the whole tower of cream puffs were encased in swirls of spun sugar; (b) I have not made Cream Puffs for the longest ever; a year or two give or take & it would make a lovely tea for the Hubs. I wanted to see whether I had lost my mojo as there are a few techniques involved in making the choux pastry; one the pastry had to be purrfect for piping & we were told by the Chef when we attended the Cream Puff class that under no circumstances were we to open the door of the oven during the first 10 minutes that we were baking as the cream puffs would then collapse & they were basically baked for 20 minutes +- depending of course on your oven heat & we need to know our own oven well ie as to the heat of same. For me the right time would be 19 - 20 minutes when they are golden brown; I take them out & turn it upside down to see the color of the bottom of the cream puff; for me within that time frame of 19 - 20 minutes, the golden color would be divine & the texture of the cream puffs were soft, lovely & virtually melts in the mouth & then for the Hubs' portion, I bake it slightly longer; perhaps 2 - 3 minutes to get a slightly browner color; (c) I needed to bring something for Pot Bless. 

           After baking them & being happy with them :) I decided that I wanted to up my game!!! I normally either make a Banana Mousse filling or a Custard Filling for the cream puffs.  On the spur of the moment & this time I wanted to be simply "wicked" & concorted a Durian Filling; after all I had a basic recipe for a mousse filling as in my Banana Mousse filling so all I needed to do was to jiggle here & there a little & both the Hubs & my cell mates would be, sort of, my guinea pig as the Hubs just bought some D24 Durians so away I went tinkering in my kitchen; holding my breathing, praying to God to let the Durian mousse filling work because if it didn't work & was too watery to pipe in the cream puffs then I am toast as I did not have time to make another "safe" filling and I didn't know whether the gelatine in this durian filling would be too much or too little!!!

            Just to give you some of my thoughts here; 10 years ago I would not have dared to step out of my own comfort zone.  I have learnt baking & of course, the spin off, various kinds of cooking for 26 years.  10 years ago & before I retired, I would go for a safer bet ie follow the recipe rigidly!!! Then after I retired 10 years ago, I started trying to come out from under the wings of the various Chefs that I had learnt from. Trying to jingle a little here & there in order to get something that is basically my own interpretation; succeeding sometimes & failing at times but ultimately, haha, never trying to give up my dream to one day be an icon in what I loved the most, baking!!! Yes I have pure Passion running in my blood & the one thing that gives me encouragement is when I see the Joy reflected in people's face be it whether they ordered a cake from me or when I brought some tip bits for tea or supper.

              For those of you who are "aching" to try some Cream Puffs; check out my Cream Puff recipe in my blog & I am amazed how come a simple thing like my cream puffs would elicit nearly a 1,000 hits & there you would also find my Banana Mousse filling. 

     Love the color!!! 

                                                                  Love the color of the bottom of the cream puff!!! 

           A slightly darker version to appease the Hubs!!! 

                   Will upload the recipe for the Durian fillings after I have finished making the gum paste decor for a 1 month baby for collection on Friday & need also make some gum paste Carrots also for a Carrot birthday cake on Saturday. 

                    Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Part III - the final product with the decor - Chocolate Banana Mousse cake

           Wow it was indeed a "heavy" day. Baked the Vanilla sponge cake the night before then did all the various steps to assemble the mousse cake then freezing it overnight in order for same to set & today did the Chocolate Ganache & putting the colorful bootees on the cake.

           The cake was collected this evening & was mighty glad that it found favour with the whole family. The birthday girl's mum gave me a thumbs up comment in my FB which would do wonders for me as it would be a word of mouth advertisement. The thing that really made me overjoyed was she told me that it can be added to my best seller list with a 10/10 rating & she asked me whether I gave cake classes as she wanted to learn from me and of course I said "Yes!!! & that I needed a minimum of 5 students. 

            Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Part II Gum paste decor as a decor for the Chocolate Banana Mousse Birthday cake for a cute 1 yr girl

             As I was saying in my previous post that I had to bake a cake for a sweet 1 year old girl. Her mum saw some of my gum paste decor and mentioned that the baby gum paste figurine and bootee were cute so I thought I would surprise her and make them and then let her choose which one she loved.

            I made 7 different colored bootee; haha, one for each day of the week!!! 

           Then I made the baby figurine & tomorrow will add some edible color for the hair & mould a cap, free hand as I don't have any mould for a cap, as without coloring the hair, it looks somewhat "flat" with just one tone so tomorrow I will have more pictures of same.

              She wanted a Chocolate Banana Mousse, after seeing me posting pictures of this cake which I baked for tea for the Hubs last Tuesday & cake is ready & tomorrow will just be pouring a Ganache. 

              Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Part l - Post on Chocolate Banana Mousse cake

             I was thinking what I should make for the Hub's tea a few days ago. Then I thought that as he loved Chocolates and I loved Bananas, I would make a Chocolate Banana Mousse cake that would, with one stroke, satisfy both our "needs!!!" 

             I made a Vanilla sponge and placed a layer of Sponge at the bottom. [When I learnt this mousse cake, the Sponge layer was not moisten]. Then I moisten the sponge layer with a Sugar Syrup and I added some sliced Bananas in the sugar so that the Bananas will infuse the sugar syrup.  I also added a Butterscotch liqueur in the syrup as the liqueur will go well with the Toffee Caramel that would me part of the filling.

            I will attach my photos and let the pictures do the talking!!! 

                             A layer of Sponge at the bottom & moistening it with the Banana & Butterscotch Liqueur infused sugar syrup.

                            A Chocolate Cream made with Belgium Dark Couvertures.

                              Adding fresh sliced Bananas with a Toffee Caramel on top of the fresh Bananas.  Then I decided to go outside the box & added some dehydrated sliced Bananas to give it a chewy texture, probably seeing too much of Australia and US MasterChef where the mentors were always talking about adding a different texture and this time, I followed their advice & I must say that adding the dehydrated sliced Bananas really gave a chewy and a lovely texture against the soft mousse texture. Thank you MasterChef!!! 

                     Covering with a Banana Mousse & then freezing same overnight.

                            Next day, and the final layer, adding a Ganache.

                              The finished product!!! Mission accomplished.

                         I love posting all the cakes and cooking that I do on FB and 3 days later, one of my FB friends ordered this from me. Lovely. 

                         Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Christmas in July?

         I used to make a lot of fruit cakes for sale for Christmas but of late, I may just take a couple of orders from regular customers, I stopped doing so for 2 reasons.  One reason being that there was quite a lot of work involved and I am afraid that suddenly my better half will on the spur of the moment want to go somewhere for Christmas like 2 Christmas ago.  Thank goodness we were only leaving 2 days before Christmas and that gave me sufficient time to bake the Fruit cake orders as normally I would finish my Fruit cake orders by the 22nd of December which would then give me time to bake cakes for home consumption. 

        So last year I did not take any fruit cake orders as did not want to stress myself out and as I didn't have any fruit cakes to eat last December, I decided to bake myself one yesterday. Had a slice of same for Breakfast this morning and boy was I happy!!! 

                   My fruit cake had 1.2 kg of fruits and marinated in 175 ml Dark Jamician Rum.

                      Cling wrapped the fruit cake to seal the flavour, aroma and softness then wrap in foil and once you open the cling wrap, the aroma of the liqueur is heart warming. 

                   Three tips.  I love to soak the fruits in this container then date when I soaked same and if I have many fruits I am soaking, I would identify the container 1, 2, 3 etc then I would know which one to use to bake first and the last important tip, everyday I would lay the container on its side and roll it and also lift it up and shake it.  You would observe that in the beginning the fruits would move easily then as it is soaked longer it will clump up thus the shaking and moving each day helps a little even though IT does not stop the fruits from clumping up :)

                      Those who are interested in the recipe, leave me a comment here. One plus point is for good bakers, cake batter is mixed manually and needn't use any machine to mix same.  The only thing you should look out for is when you add the eggs and flour mixture, don't over mix same. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

A Shoe theme birthday cake

             Recently I had been making so many shoes that they were figuratively coming out of my ears, nose and throat!!! My girl had her birthday coming and as she is very much a shoe person, I thought what better way to give her a surprise birthday cake at her office with the shoes I made lined up.  I had to make many as making the gum paste shoes was very addictive and they are quite delicate and may break at any time while making same.

              When I started making so many shoes, the Hubs kept asking me why was I making so many. I smiled and kept him in the dark :) so when it was almost her birthday, I told him why I was making so many, I wanted to surprise him too as I did not know whether I could pull it off!!! And then the excitement intensified as he was also excited too as he knew that both our girls are shoe crazy.  

              On the eve of the birthday, I baked a 10" Semolina/Sugee cake and once it had been cooled completely I placed it on a 10" board and the next day I spread butter cream on it.  Then I rolled some fondant and placed it on a 13" board and gingerly lifted up the 10" cake & placed it in the middle. Then I pushed some pearls, which I bought from a cake ingredient shop, on to the fondant to give it some texture otherwise the fondant may look a little bare. I asked the Hubs to choose which shoes he liked, I piped "Happy Birthday" on the shoes and then I placed it on top of the fondant. Okay mission accomplished!!! So had to call the birthday girl and try to figure out a plausible excuse to see her in the office as I wanted her to share the cake with her office mates. When we brought the cake to her office and passed her the cake she was so surprised.  She told me that she had 2 other birthday cakes already and I told her to open my box and cut the cake with her office mates. Haha she text to me and told me that my cake finished in half an hour and all of them were thrilled to bits with the shoes!!!

            Whenever I post my shoes on FB, without hinting as to why I was making them as I was always posting all my cakes, gum paste flowers, shoes on FB, my younger girl will tell me that "Mum you are making shoes and I keep buying more!!!" She was also thrilled to see her sister's cake on FB. Hmm now I have to one up my game and make her birthday cake more interesting!!! Thank goodness I have a few months to conceptualize the decor for her cake :)

            I am now waiting for a friend to bring back for me a [complete] shoe kit which I saw on line, can't wait for August to come!!!



                Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Monday, July 1, 2013


              One of the best cakes I have learnt is the Tiramisu and I learnt same from quite a few tutors; some of them use Gelatine powder and the one that I loved the most; was the one I learnt from a 5 star Chef and the best thing was she used Gelatine leaves instead of Gelatine powder and using Gelatine leaves, the texture of the Tiramisu was so smooth so when I was in Singapore and by accident stayed in the hotel next to a baking ingredients shop and I stepped inside to check the place out. Wow they had so many moulds to make gum paste/fondant stuff and the best thing was that the moulds that I loved and saw were from England. I could not help buying so many moulds and it indeed burnt a big hole in my pocket!!! Then the icing on the cake was I saw the Gelatine leaves being sold there so I took 8 packets which had 10 leaves in each packet as I couldn't get the Gelatine leaves back home. So when I had to bring something for my cell fellowship, I made the Tiramisu with the Gelatine Leaves and used alot of Kahlua [Coffee liqueur] too and the end result was the texture was indeed satin smooth and the Kahlua added the punch!!! And I could not help using this lovely stencil to make those lovely flowers.

                  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

Monday, June 24, 2013

More Shoes - defying the Law of Gravity



             I am sure by now, for those who have visited my blog and have seen the various shoes I have posted, you would have noticed that making gum paste shoes is in my blood!!! I love to goggle on gum paste shoes made by more talented people and then try to make them as best as I can and sometimes I go outside the box!!! And of all the shoes I have made thus far, I find that I love these two best as they are, pardon me for saying, quite dainty. I also find that when making these shoes I try to be as realistic as I can ie they need to be "walkable" ie with a strap or a court shoe; case in point is the 3rd and 4th picture above, if there is no strap, you can't walk in them so after making them, I needed to attach a strap on both the shoes and making the strap was rather delicate and slightly tricky and this exercise needed a lot of patience. After attaching the strap, I inserted tissue in the strap to hold the strap in place until the strap has dried and then gingerly removing the tissue paper. Aah when the strap can remain "motionless" and not fall down, I feel that I have, in a sense, defied gravity!!! 

           And the next post will be, YES!!! again on shoes, I will "speak" more of it in that post and till then, xoxo, Ophelia. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here I go again, Shoes & more Shoes!!!

       Sometimes when we want to raise our own bar, we will always try to find a way to sneak some time to do the things that we love. My only regret is that I started late in this journey of "playing" with gum paste and making my own gum paste from scratch makes the joy even better. 

       The last time I made a batch of gum paste, I increased the recipe by 5 times and that was about 2 months back and I wrapped them into individual balls and I was happy to note that when I used the last ball of gum paste a few days ago, the gum paste was still in good condition and did not harden.  So today, since I ran out of same, I made another batch and this time I increased it 6 fold using a total of 1440 gm of icing sugar. After initially using the Kenwood machine, I had to knead it manually using some shortening until it combined and I am real glad I have more gum paste to play with and this should keep me happy for some time.

       These two shoes are the latest I made. 

                                       Making these tiny bows was a feat in itself!!! 

            Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gum Paste Shoes

           I can't seem to buy enuf gum paste cutters; be it for making shoes, flowers or anything that takes my fancy but one thing for certain, I love buying the original moulds as the cuts are deeper and more fluid even though they may cost a little bit more, I prefer buying the originals.

          Made more gum paste shoes to add to my collection of shoes on my FB and I went a little outside the box this time. I made a slight variation to the design.  I love posting them on FB too so that in case any of my friends would like to buy these gum paste decoration, they know where they can get besides buying from shops; they can buy from me too!!! As most of them are busy working; they can buy the gum paste decor from me and bake their own cake and then decorate same. These are the latest that I made.

Placing a pink circle did bring out the white :) 

                    Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia