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Monday, January 14, 2013

Ballerina in Royal Icing & a gum paste fondant

                     I was as pleased as Punch when a very good friend gave me 5 books on cake decorating.  She asked me whether I wanted same & of course, I said "Yes!!!" And when I saw a template of a lovely ballerina; my heart started to flutter!!! I have always had a thing for ballerina & love seeing the various and colourful Tutu. 

                    Thank goodness I had a little gum paste left, didn't have time to make another batch, & a fresh batch of Royal Icing as I was using the Royal Icing to spread on my stencil.

                    So the very next day, I copied the template on wax paper & thus began my journey to making the ballerina. I flooded the template with the Royal Icing as per the instructions on the template & then left it to dry overnite.  I have never done flooding b4; only saw same being done on Youtube; as for the consistency of the Royal Icing, I went with my gut feeling!!! 

                   Next day, after finishing preparation of dinner, I rolled my gum paste to make the Tutu.  This is the result of my maiden attempt at making a ballerina with Royal Icing to boot as, apart from spreading royal icing on my stencils, I have not done any royal icing decoration.  I know it is far from perfect, need to slim down one of her calf, but I am so happy.



                        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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