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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Giving the Ballerina's Tutu a new look

               In my last shopping spree in respect of cake decorating, I couldn't resist buying the eyelet mould and it did remind me of days of old when we used to buy embordery blouses with the same "holey" effect so of course I had to make another gum paste layer; pressed the eyelet mould, giving a peek a boo effect and was very happy with the look. 

                         Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 


Anita said...

Hi Ophelia,

Love your blog. It's so inspirational :)
Thank you for sharing all the recipes with us :)


Ophelia said...

Welcome to my Blog, Anita & thank you for your lovely comment. IT made my day more awesome reading same & IT is precisely why I created this Blog so that I could reach out & touch ppl's lives in a small way so that what I learnt more than 25 years ago, besides for my own children, won't go to waste & IT really feels so awesome when ppl appreciate my Blog & leave comments like yours & it makes it more personal. Hope you have tried some of my cakes and cooking recipes that I posted. God bless.