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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Giving my Ballerina a make over

               Had nothing much to do so decided to practise again making the Ballerina in Royal Icing as don't have much practice doing Royal Icing.  To be frank, I preferred my first Royal Icing Ballerina as the texture, esp the legs, was smoother probably because the Royal Icing that I used for the 2nd attempt was the balance I had when making same for the first attempt.

                What I liked though was that, noticing that the hairdo was too austere & too rigid, I decided to make some curls with my gum paste & added a little flower on her hair too. Then I made some little gum paste flowers & placed them near the stool & I like the overall look albeit a little rough texture & I was glad that in this second effort, I was able to ensure that the calf of her leg did not go out of shape like my first effort.  Well it is ok, I am not done yet with practising same & there will be lots more of practice Until I can say that I have done enuf.  The MAIN thing is this - I need to be able to slide a knife and lift off the ballerina and place it on a cake that is already covered in fondant. THAT is the test, to be able to do this feat & then making the Tutu & placing the Tutu when the Ballerina is on the fondant.  Not an easy feat to remove the royal icing Ballerina without breaking same & would appreciate if anyone who is reading this has done this before & give me some tips, thank you. God bless.

                  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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