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Monday, February 25, 2013

Chocolate Royal

           Wow when I learnt this, the name of the mousse cake itself was impressive & tasting this cake simply floored me!!! At the back of my mind I was wondering whether I could make this as, watching the Chef doing same, it didn't look easy so still boosted with euphoria, I geared myself up to do this while it was fresh in my mind. I made this cake quite sometime back & it's about time I do it again & seeing the Feuilletine at the shop, I snapped it up.

           The mousse cake is made up of many parts.  Its base has 2 layers of meringue and a feuilletine base & each of the 3 base is spread with a Chocolate Gananche. The feuilletine base consist of a Hazelnut praline & Milk Chocoate & these two are double boiled until they have melted; remove same from the fire & then the Feuilletine is stirred in [we were told that feuilletine was marketed by Cacao Berry, France or Belgium.  Its shape reminds me of corn flakes but it is very much thinner.  Its very crunchy & when you eat the cake, its crunchiness is somewhat like eating Kit Kat; simply divine & awesome] Then we had to make a Chocolate mousse using Bitter Sweet couvertures from Belgium.  

         So the assembly of the mousse cake is placing the first layer of meringue in a cake ring which is secured with a durable plastic at the bottom [then the cake ring is placed on a round tray for support]; then spreading a layer of Chocolate Ganache so that the second meringue can stick onto it; then the third layer is the feuilletine base & again spread with Chocolate Gananche.  Once this has been done, the Chocolate Mousse is poured on top of this 3 base. Give the ring a slight shake to remove air bubbles then place the cake in the freezer overnite.  Next day you can either pour another Chocolate Ganache on the top then only remove the cake ring using a cake torch but this time since there is a "Chocolate overload" I decided to pour a Raspberry topping as Raspberry & Chocolate jive well together & also because I wanted to take a photo with the contract in color.  This cake is one of the best that I learnt from a top notch Chef.

                           Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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