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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cookie in the shape of a shoe - 1st trial

              After buying a few moulds from a holiday recently I did Not have a chance to bake a cookie in the shape of a shoe.

             I was waiting till I was completely free b4 venturing into this & as I was free a couple of weeks earlier I decided to do same.  In my mind I was trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  A friend wanted to taste my sugee biscuit & so I thought I would make some for her & some to experiment on the shoe mould which I bought & as it was imported from Europe, the tin mould was solid; no doubt the solidness compensated the fact that I paid quite a hefty sum for same but to me, that never matter as I am always a believer of If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!!! For me whether it was cakes that I sell or things that I buy in respect of my passion for baking; be it ingredients or moulds, they had to be the Best that I could find, no half measures for me!!!

           Sorry I do have this penchant of deviating but then I find that it makes it more interesting if I could tell a tale or two instead of just typing what was originally on my mind. Ok to continue I started making my sugee biscuit JUST by this exercise I had to trouble shoot & I found I learnt alot. First thing, I found that this dough was much too soft to my liking so I place in a plastic bag & place them in the freezer for 30 minutes.

            After removing them from the freezer, I rolled the dough on top of my marble board.  Then I inserted the shoe/dress/bib/boot mould into the rolled dough.  Wow I found I could not lift it up easily; when I place it on the tray lined with parchment paper & removed the shoe mould, I realised that I distorted its shape.  So the next thing I thought was to roll on the tray itself as I just needed to remove the mould & as I wanted to make a hole on the cookie [I found that after making a hole, IT was also difficult for me to remove the dough from the hole] so that I would be able to insert a ribbon, I made a hole with one of my round moulds, I saw in one of the tutorials in Youtube, they used a noozle but I found the hole of the noozle way too big for my purpose [I bought a set of round moulds; a German product, which had a range of sizes from small to large] always at the back of my mind was the thought - would the sugee cookie expand alot & just kept my fingers crossed.  When I learnt this recipe, at the end of the class, I forgot to minute it down whether the cookie would expand or not, THAT was my colossal mistake.  I always like to, after class, to collect my thoughts & input in the recipe whether cookies expanded & I also like to rate the recipe as I learnt so many cakes, cookies, the various kind of cooking; Fusion, Indian, Chinese, Thai, English cooking etc, etc, that If I do NOT rate them according to my liking, 10 years down the line I may NOT know whether they were good, as haha I wasn't getting any younger!!! And IF I rate them as 10/10, I know that I would have to bake/cook them for my family!!! These are a few tips for those of you who love attending classes, I have been learning baking & cooking for more than 26 years.] Again sorry for digressing so to pick up where I left off, so I thought that just in case the cookies do expand, I would leave the shoe mould & the mould for making the hole in one of the cookie; yah just in case that was my Plan B. 

             After the cookie were baked, my heart felt sick as the cookie expanded quite a bit esp the cookie in the shape of the dress. Well it didn't matter, as I would use them to practise with Royal Icing & I was sure IT would NOT be too long before I bake a batch of cookies with a different recipe UNTIL I was satisfied that the cookie would not expand EVEN IF this exercise took me forever, I would NOT give up. 

                         I rolled the sugee dough on my marble but couldn't lift this up onto my tray which I lined with parchment paper.

                       Trouble shoot & rolled on the tray lined with parchment paper & this time I left the shoe & the "hole" mould & baked the cookie with them.

                      The shoe came out huge & the hole, for me to attach a ribbon, wasn't too perfect.

                              The 3 tierred wedding cake cookie on the RIGHT was the one I baked together with the mould.  The one on the left was baked without the mould and as you can see the figure was distorted somewhat!!! So my trouble shot idea was quite good but I still was NOT satisfied with this sugee recipe.

                     Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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