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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cookie - Part 2 in the shape of Shoe - successful trial

                 As I mentioned in my 2nd last post, on Cookie in the shape of a Shoe - 1st Trial, IT wouldn't be long before I bake a second trial on the cookies.  When I bought the imported moulds during my recent holidays, there was a recipe attached to one of the moulds.  Me, I am a little of a "slow bird!!!" What I mean to say is that sometimes it will take sometime before I try something new that I have not learnt as then it meant I have to bake once to know about its texture and taste.  I rather bake the things that I learnt as it meant I more or less knew about its taste and texture so as I was smitten with flooding with Royal Icing & seeing so many tutorials on Youtube, I told myself to give it a try & boy was I glad for so many reasons.

                First, the dough was just the right consistency; not too soft nor too hard & I was able to roll same on my marble rolling board & it was so easy to lift it up from the board to my baking tray that was lined with parchment paper.  Then it was also easy for me to make a hole with my smallest round mould & to remove the dough from the hole; ok I was enthralled as the cookies barely enlarged & if it did, perhaps 1/4 of a cm!!! Ok that was good; now the next text was to practice more on flooding, with Royal Icing, techniques as I am definitely an amateur in this, having only done this 3 - 4 times recently and then to round it up with Brush Embrodery!!! I know I am setting my own bar high but if I don't practice enuf, I will never reach my own goal!!! 

                          Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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