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Friday, February 15, 2013

Cookie - Part 3 [finale] Shoe cookie

           After successfully baking the cookies in the shape of shoe, bib etc, that would be ideal for me to decor them; this is what I did.  

          I spread Chocolate Ganache [ratio of same - 1 to 1 [one part Chocolate couvertures to one part Whipping Cream.  I put the Chocolate couvertures in a bowl & micro waved them; have to be very careful as the chocolate would burn easily then stir same.  You can bain marie the Chocolate couvertures. Then put the whipping cream in a small pot & heat same on the fire just for a while as if you heat the whipping cream too long, it will have a skin formation [and if the skin formation forms; stir same] then mix the warm milk to the chocolate couvertures and mix them both till you get a smooth texture; then spread it on the cookie. I spread it with a palate knife & those lines made the shoe more interesting as instead of a smooth finish; I ended up with a textured look and pardon me if I may say so myself, I adored it!!!

                               Just simply tying ribbons to the cookie made the shoe look lovely.

                           I also made some Royal Icing & flooded it on the cookie.  After flooding with White Royal Icing, I did some brush embrodery and though the brush embrodery was my first attempt & not a very great effort; I was quite happy with the overall result. 

                          Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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