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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dinner tonite

              I was a little lazy this evening, haha but I kidded myself that I wanted to "change" the style.  Sorry for not making my thoughts clearer from the onset. Actually when I took out the chicken from the freezer to defrost, I took out the wrong packet of chicken; next time I need to label them!!!  Instead of taking out the chicken that was chopped, I took out instead 3 whole chicken legs. So I decided that I do not want to chop the whole chicken legs [I bought the whole chicken legs to make roast] & just cook it whole & wonder whether the Hubs would say, "Why didn't chop the chicken?"

             So I pounded some Lemon Grass, Kunyit, Garlic, Red Chilies, Limau Perut leaves & Garlic & then I sliced 3 big Onions & set it aside.  Then I sauteed/fried the big onions for a short while & then dished it onto a plate & set it aside.  Next I added quite a bit of oil & I fried the pounded ingredients till fragrant & then I added the chicken in & sufficient Salt & fried till the chicken was half cooked.  Next I added some Assam water & some sugar & let the chicken simmer till it was cooked. Once the chicken was cooked, I threw in the pre-fried Big Onions & let it fry for about 3 minutes & then dished it out.  If you fry the onions too long, it would be too soft.

         I was wondering in my mind whether the Hubs could finish his piece of chicken as he is not a very big eater & in the end, he finished all his chicken, the veg, the soup & the rice!!!  BTW this is one of his favourite dish.  This chicken dish is quite appertising; having a nice blend of slightly sour, sweet & hot; a lovely combination of flavours.

                  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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