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Monday, March 25, 2013

Gum paste babies

            Gum paste babies that took my breath away.  

                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An imperfect Orchid - broke one of its petals

          When I made the recent batch of Orchids, I inadvertently broke one of its petal. I was heart broken as I love making Orchids. My first impulse was to throw it away then as I stared at it longer, I realised that I could still salvage it!!! I could tint the edges & perhaps, the broken piece would add some beauty because even if I wanted to make a "broken Orchid" again, I couldn't!!! I couldn't cos how can one break a petal intentionally??? So armed with that consolation, I did precisely that and I found that indeed the tinted broken petal gave dimension to the Orchid & I loved it!!!  It also reminded me that there are some times in our lives, when we, ourselves, are figuratively speaking, in a broken state due to so many things, a lost love, a broken marriage, a death, a lost job, etc. This also reminds me of the moving lyrics of the powerful song, "How can you mend a broken heart?" It is the norm for most of us to then retreat to our "shell" & "mourn" in privacy for whatever reason & hopefully, perhaps we will emerge stronger & better to face the world. Praise the Lord, Allelulia. Amen.

                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.  

A new look for the Orchids

         I wanted to see whether it would be better to leave the Orchids I made recently in its original color or to edge the petals with a little color. 


                              I went further and tinted the edge of the throat just to see the effect.

                                 Till my next post xoxo, Ophelia

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3rd attempt to make gum paste Orchids

          It has been a while since I made gum paste Orchids and I love making them as, unlike Roses, it is comparatively easy to make Orchids & since I have the moulds and veiners, making them was like walking in the park. I prefer making my own gum paste & then making flowers or objects as opposed to using fondant as it allows me to roll them very thin as then the petals look more life like.  I need to lay them on apple containers before the petals are strong enough to be unmoulded & haha, playing the waiting game is boring!!! Learnt how to make them just by checking out the tutorials on Youtube. 

                        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Returning the courtesy

           When a young adult lost her mum, she was torn; torn between having to be the pillar in the family & hiding her pain, from them, at loosing her best friend.  I think she needed to address her pain first before she could be the anchor for her dad and the rest of the family.  It took almost a year before she could "focus" properly & in between that period whenever she posted of her pain I tried to help her by giving my heartfelt advice via FB.  I didn't know her personally; she was a friend of my friend and then we became good friends on FB; whenever she needed moral support, I was there, waiting for her at the side lines.  This went on for many, many months until one day she told me that I was like a substitute mother to her & asked me whether I could bake her wedding cake.  Whoops I told her I had zero experience in making wedding cake & the only wedding cake I did, was for my own girl; a 3 tierred Chocolate cake. That's when I started my journey in making my own gum paste & gum paste flowers and objects 8 months ago & since then my love for making them grew in leaps & bounds.  

           I started going for a wedding cake course, buying countless moulds, then researching the internet with great intensity; checking out tutorials in Youtube & learning so much from all the fabulous tutors on Youtube for their generousity in sharing their knowledge; one thing I loved the most was making Orchids.

         What I want to share is, sort of returning their courtesy, as some of  you who are also interested in gum paste/fondant may not have seen this.  I used to buy so many styrofoam; I attached the flowers to wires then poke the wires into the styrofoam & at some stage there were too many holes that I had to buy another styrofoam & although they did not cost much; IT was the inconvenience of going out to buy them so when I saw one of the tutors poking a straw into the styrofoam & then inserting the wires into the styrofoam I was speechless & of course I had to get straws the next day!!! I realised that the one of the ends of the straw had to be pointed & the straw had to be the harder version & these kind of straws were normally attached to box drinks.

                     Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gum Paste Lingerie

             A friend ordered from me a small container of multi colored Lingerie for her so that she can dress up her cup cakes & IT was such a fun ride making them & posting them on my FB & I had so many raves!!! One guy remarked that it was sexy; another said that perhaps, I should have written on the pictures, "Ophelia's Secret!!!" & another said that she loved the lacy look,  etc. etc. it simply made my day!!! 

                             Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Gum paste cats

            These moulds were sitting in my spare room for months!!! I quite forgot about it!!! So when I unearth them I made the awesome cats & coloured the ribbon with a different color to bring the picture to live!!! Then I realised that I could actually dislodge the ribbon so that the next time I need little colored gum paste ribbons, I don't have to go hunting for a mould!!!

                                  I dislodged the hair tied with the ribbon to produce a Tom cat!!! 

                            Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hub's tea - Wholemeal Ginger Bread cake

            When I gave a piece of this cake to the Hubs for his tea, he asked me what cake it was, So I told him Wholemeal Ginger Bread cake.  He grimaced when I said the word "Ginger!!!" as he is no fan of ginger & knowing this I toned down the glazed ginger & the ginger powerd so I gingerly gave him a small piece.  I waited patiently for his comment, he always spoke his mind notwithstanding whether the cake was good or not so good & I knew that I could count on him to let me know "the truth" as he never believed in sugar coating anything!!! He looked at me & gave me a sheepish smile & said that the cake was lovely!!! Everything felt good in my world then as for me, baking was so much a part of me.  Boasted with his comment; I took half of the cake for the cell praise and worship and I was happy that even the crumbs were eaten up!!! Thank you I had a lovely time baking and seeing the appreciation on all your faces.

               As the name implied this cake had whole meal, glazed ginger, raisins, ground almond, self raising flour and sour cream [which I made myself with whipping cream and Lemon juice] and it was the sour cream that made the cake moist and lovely and you can't find cakes like this in a bakery only from those of us who learnt same from the same Chef and it was lovely that one of the Church members ordered this cake from me.

               Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.