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Friday, March 1, 2013

Hub's tea - Wholemeal Ginger Bread cake

            When I gave a piece of this cake to the Hubs for his tea, he asked me what cake it was, So I told him Wholemeal Ginger Bread cake.  He grimaced when I said the word "Ginger!!!" as he is no fan of ginger & knowing this I toned down the glazed ginger & the ginger powerd so I gingerly gave him a small piece.  I waited patiently for his comment, he always spoke his mind notwithstanding whether the cake was good or not so good & I knew that I could count on him to let me know "the truth" as he never believed in sugar coating anything!!! He looked at me & gave me a sheepish smile & said that the cake was lovely!!! Everything felt good in my world then as for me, baking was so much a part of me.  Boasted with his comment; I took half of the cake for the cell praise and worship and I was happy that even the crumbs were eaten up!!! Thank you I had a lovely time baking and seeing the appreciation on all your faces.

               As the name implied this cake had whole meal, glazed ginger, raisins, ground almond, self raising flour and sour cream [which I made myself with whipping cream and Lemon juice] and it was the sour cream that made the cake moist and lovely and you can't find cakes like this in a bakery only from those of us who learnt same from the same Chef and it was lovely that one of the Church members ordered this cake from me.

               Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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