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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Returning the courtesy

           When a young adult lost her mum, she was torn; torn between having to be the pillar in the family & hiding her pain, from them, at loosing her best friend.  I think she needed to address her pain first before she could be the anchor for her dad and the rest of the family.  It took almost a year before she could "focus" properly & in between that period whenever she posted of her pain I tried to help her by giving my heartfelt advice via FB.  I didn't know her personally; she was a friend of my friend and then we became good friends on FB; whenever she needed moral support, I was there, waiting for her at the side lines.  This went on for many, many months until one day she told me that I was like a substitute mother to her & asked me whether I could bake her wedding cake.  Whoops I told her I had zero experience in making wedding cake & the only wedding cake I did, was for my own girl; a 3 tierred Chocolate cake. That's when I started my journey in making my own gum paste & gum paste flowers and objects 8 months ago & since then my love for making them grew in leaps & bounds.  

           I started going for a wedding cake course, buying countless moulds, then researching the internet with great intensity; checking out tutorials in Youtube & learning so much from all the fabulous tutors on Youtube for their generousity in sharing their knowledge; one thing I loved the most was making Orchids.

         What I want to share is, sort of returning their courtesy, as some of  you who are also interested in gum paste/fondant may not have seen this.  I used to buy so many styrofoam; I attached the flowers to wires then poke the wires into the styrofoam & at some stage there were too many holes that I had to buy another styrofoam & although they did not cost much; IT was the inconvenience of going out to buy them so when I saw one of the tutors poking a straw into the styrofoam & then inserting the wires into the styrofoam I was speechless & of course I had to get straws the next day!!! I realised that the one of the ends of the straw had to be pointed & the straw had to be the harder version & these kind of straws were normally attached to box drinks.

                     Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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