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Monday, April 15, 2013


         It has been a while since I made Lasagna and image I didn't know how to make same a couple of years ago!!! So after my children took me and the Hubs to a place where they served one of the best Lasagna, I was intrigued!!! I never learnt how to bake a lasagna and these days it is not difficult, all you need to do was to search the net.  My problem was not the filling as the filling is something you can concoct out of a hat; my problem was I needed to "physically see" the way it was done. So I searched for various sites on the net; I read the instructions on the box and yes, I was ready to rock & roll and the start of a beautiful relationship with the lasagna began a year ago!!!

        My first attempt was a disaster!!! I spread quite a lot of cheese on the top & I baked it on the middle rack of the oven & oops, the top was burnt quite badly.  So I learnt my lession; either half way through I covered the tin with a foil or spread my cheese in between the layers and not the top.  I also learnt from the Chef, when I was learnt how to bake open buns with filling, that IF we were to place the mozarella cheese on the top and cheddar cheese in between; after baking the mozarella cheese would cover the filling and you can't see the filling and it would be better to place the mozarella cheese at the bottom & the cheddar cheese on the top As I think it is also important that we, not only enjoy the food but ensure that the food looks lovely :)

         So here's the picture of the lasagna dinner I made for the Hubs. I love making lasagna the day before I actually want to serve them for dinner. I cool them after baking then I refrigerate them in the tin still; the next day everything is infused and it taste so much better. One thing for sure, I love to be able to remove the lasagna; warm them in the oven & then slice a couple of pieces; it looks much neater.

                     I love using a 7" round loose base as it is so easy to remove same. 

                     Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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