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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chicken curry encased in a loaf of bread

          Wow it has been many years since I have gone for classes.  I think that it is high time that I come out from under the wings of the many Chefs that I took lessions from; not because there is nothing that I can learn from them but that it is about time that I try to come outside the box and try to do more R&D so that I can improve further either from mistakes or by a personal achievement.  I remember I used to lean heavily on the Chefs as I was learning things that I knew nothing about and I never ventured further from the recipe; trying to "play safe!!!" 

          Case in point in this post is that I wanted to bake this bread so I cooked the chicken curry with 4 Potatoes then I mashed one of the Potatoes so as to thicken the curry as this curry will be "folded" in a foil and then encased in a loaf of bread. So after cooking the curry and while the curry was being cooled; I measured the ingredients for the bread.  Then I realised that I had only 310 gm of Bread flour while the recipe called for 500 gm!!! Back in the old days my heart "would have skipped a beat" and I would run to the nearest cake ingredient shop and would buy a packet of bread flour to make up for the other 200 gm but this time, I told myself, "Well you have a packet of Wholemeal flour in the freezer, why not use that???" And as I always wanted to experiment with the wholemeal and bread flour, now is the perfect time for same as following the recipe and using 500 gm of Bread flour; the texture of the bread would be like a normal White Sandwich which is soft and using the Wholemeal flour would have produced a slightly denser bread which had more "body" to hold the foil so with that thought in mind; I used 300 gm of Bread flour plus 200 gm of Wholemeal flour and waited with bated breath for the result.

           I am real glad that I followed my instincts and "not be a coward" and just stick to a recipe rigidly, which I was guilty of when I was younger. Suffice to say that the bread came out just like how I envision same; slightly more dense and knowing that the Hubs was happy with his dinner was like icing on the cake.

                And the bottom picture of the bread I made a year using all Bread flour and you can see that the bread is whiter and the texture is different from the above pictures.  So the choice was mine whether I want to bake a slightly denser bread or a softer and white version!!! 

                  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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