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Friday, May 31, 2013

Sugee cake

         Quintessentially, Sugee cake is more in line with a "traditional" cake as it has been around for so many decades; even in my youth Sugee cake is a must during Christmas. It is definitely not a cake that has just been "introduced" to the masses but one that has been around since time memorial!!!  

         So it is not strange that ten years ago I had this "burning" desire to do some R&D on a Sugee cake recipe, that was homemade by a very good friend, and try to bring it to the next level and I kept on at it until I was finally happy with what I had achieved.  These R&D that I love to do on cakes, may not necessarily be "BIG" improvements on a cake but little things that I can leave my personal mark on a cake and having done same, I was satisfied with my achievements to the Sugee cake and it is a forgone conclusion that this is one of my signature cakes that many of my friends and customers have been coming back for repeat orders And cakes with liqueur is NOT something that one might find easily, off the shelf, they are most "sold" by "cottage industry".

          This post is dedicated to both cell groups. Thanks for taking me into your loving fold and making me a part of a larger picture in pursuit of our desire to walk intimately with the Lord and like our cell leader said last night, to be able to come out of the wilderness and move to the promised land. Amen.

                     Till my next post, xoxo. 

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