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Monday, June 24, 2013

More Shoes - defying the Law of Gravity



             I am sure by now, for those who have visited my blog and have seen the various shoes I have posted, you would have noticed that making gum paste shoes is in my blood!!! I love to goggle on gum paste shoes made by more talented people and then try to make them as best as I can and sometimes I go outside the box!!! And of all the shoes I have made thus far, I find that I love these two best as they are, pardon me for saying, quite dainty. I also find that when making these shoes I try to be as realistic as I can ie they need to be "walkable" ie with a strap or a court shoe; case in point is the 3rd and 4th picture above, if there is no strap, you can't walk in them so after making them, I needed to attach a strap on both the shoes and making the strap was rather delicate and slightly tricky and this exercise needed a lot of patience. After attaching the strap, I inserted tissue in the strap to hold the strap in place until the strap has dried and then gingerly removing the tissue paper. Aah when the strap can remain "motionless" and not fall down, I feel that I have, in a sense, defied gravity!!! 

           And the next post will be, YES!!! again on shoes, I will "speak" more of it in that post and till then, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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