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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Christmas in July?

         I used to make a lot of fruit cakes for sale for Christmas but of late, I may just take a couple of orders from regular customers, I stopped doing so for 2 reasons.  One reason being that there was quite a lot of work involved and I am afraid that suddenly my better half will on the spur of the moment want to go somewhere for Christmas like 2 Christmas ago.  Thank goodness we were only leaving 2 days before Christmas and that gave me sufficient time to bake the Fruit cake orders as normally I would finish my Fruit cake orders by the 22nd of December which would then give me time to bake cakes for home consumption. 

        So last year I did not take any fruit cake orders as did not want to stress myself out and as I didn't have any fruit cakes to eat last December, I decided to bake myself one yesterday. Had a slice of same for Breakfast this morning and boy was I happy!!! 

                   My fruit cake had 1.2 kg of fruits and marinated in 175 ml Dark Jamician Rum.

                      Cling wrapped the fruit cake to seal the flavour, aroma and softness then wrap in foil and once you open the cling wrap, the aroma of the liqueur is heart warming. 

                   Three tips.  I love to soak the fruits in this container then date when I soaked same and if I have many fruits I am soaking, I would identify the container 1, 2, 3 etc then I would know which one to use to bake first and the last important tip, everyday I would lay the container on its side and roll it and also lift it up and shake it.  You would observe that in the beginning the fruits would move easily then as it is soaked longer it will clump up thus the shaking and moving each day helps a little even though IT does not stop the fruits from clumping up :)

                      Those who are interested in the recipe, leave me a comment here. One plus point is for good bakers, cake batter is mixed manually and needn't use any machine to mix same.  The only thing you should look out for is when you add the eggs and flour mixture, don't over mix same. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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