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Monday, July 1, 2013


              One of the best cakes I have learnt is the Tiramisu and I learnt same from quite a few tutors; some of them use Gelatine powder and the one that I loved the most; was the one I learnt from a 5 star Chef and the best thing was she used Gelatine leaves instead of Gelatine powder and using Gelatine leaves, the texture of the Tiramisu was so smooth so when I was in Singapore and by accident stayed in the hotel next to a baking ingredients shop and I stepped inside to check the place out. Wow they had so many moulds to make gum paste/fondant stuff and the best thing was that the moulds that I loved and saw were from England. I could not help buying so many moulds and it indeed burnt a big hole in my pocket!!! Then the icing on the cake was I saw the Gelatine leaves being sold there so I took 8 packets which had 10 leaves in each packet as I couldn't get the Gelatine leaves back home. So when I had to bring something for my cell fellowship, I made the Tiramisu with the Gelatine Leaves and used alot of Kahlua [Coffee liqueur] too and the end result was the texture was indeed satin smooth and the Kahlua added the punch!!! And I could not help using this lovely stencil to make those lovely flowers.

                  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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