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Monday, September 9, 2013

Part l - Post on Chocolate Banana Mousse cake

             I was thinking what I should make for the Hub's tea a few days ago. Then I thought that as he loved Chocolates and I loved Bananas, I would make a Chocolate Banana Mousse cake that would, with one stroke, satisfy both our "needs!!!" 

             I made a Vanilla sponge and placed a layer of Sponge at the bottom. [When I learnt this mousse cake, the Sponge layer was not moisten]. Then I moisten the sponge layer with a Sugar Syrup and I added some sliced Bananas in the sugar so that the Bananas will infuse the sugar syrup.  I also added a Butterscotch liqueur in the syrup as the liqueur will go well with the Toffee Caramel that would me part of the filling.

            I will attach my photos and let the pictures do the talking!!! 

                             A layer of Sponge at the bottom & moistening it with the Banana & Butterscotch Liqueur infused sugar syrup.

                            A Chocolate Cream made with Belgium Dark Couvertures.

                              Adding fresh sliced Bananas with a Toffee Caramel on top of the fresh Bananas.  Then I decided to go outside the box & added some dehydrated sliced Bananas to give it a chewy texture, probably seeing too much of Australia and US MasterChef where the mentors were always talking about adding a different texture and this time, I followed their advice & I must say that adding the dehydrated sliced Bananas really gave a chewy and a lovely texture against the soft mousse texture. Thank you MasterChef!!! 

                     Covering with a Banana Mousse & then freezing same overnight.

                            Next day, and the final layer, adding a Ganache.

                              The finished product!!! Mission accomplished.

                         I love posting all the cakes and cooking that I do on FB and 3 days later, one of my FB friends ordered this from me. Lovely. 

                         Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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