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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gum paste Cartoon figure

         A very good friend asked me last October whether I would contribute a recipe/recipes for a cook book that her Church friends were going to publish & the proceeds of which were to go towards a school for special children. My immediate response was "Yes, I will be delighted".  She then told me that she would give my number to the group that were doing this project.

        So I contributed my Orange cake recipe, which is a plain Orange cake without any cream, which was one of my signature cakes & my Nyonya Prawn Lemak with Pineapples. Then they asked me whether I would like to join their cell group which of course I did :) 

        I believe that God always has a reason for everything and everything is done in His Time.  I think HE knew that I always wanted to learn the Bible and after joining their cell meetings, whenever their Church had anything in relation to the Bible, I would be there as I wanted to spend more time in this area that I neglected in my youth.

        So finally the Cook Book would be launched middle of November. We had the soft launch a couple of weeks ago & a few of us brought whatever we were contributing. Now comes the D day & we have to, again, whatever food or cake we contributed. So as for me, haha, it is quite apparent that I would be having a ball. I would be again bringing my Orange cakes & this time I thought I would go one step forward i.e. if what I conceptualise in my mind works.  I thought that one of the Orange cakes that I would be bringing, I would "dress" same in some form of cream, either a butter cream or a Chocolate Ganache then I would place the cartoon figure [gum paste of course!!!] in the centre of the cake and perhaps, yah perhaps, if all goes well I would make some grass like design all round the cake so that the sides of the cake would look like a flower, hopefully :) and again if all goes well, hopefully, that this cartoon cake would bring some joy to the special kids ie if they are coming.

              Had to make this earlier as it take time for the gum paste to dry. Do let me know if you find this picture cute. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.