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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blessed & a very Happy 2014

            To one & All a very Blessed & Happy 2014.  May Abba Father shower HIS Blessings on you and your family & may we make this as one of our New Year Resolutions that we show and pour more Love, Hope, Joy, Peace & Compassion to others so that the Love, Peace & Joy of Christ can be easily recognized, understood & adopted by others.

            To ALL my friends thank you for being a part of my life & yes, Nicole, I know you will drop bye my blog, wishing you & Farmie  a Blessed & Very Happy New Year & enjoy motherhood, love you dear. 

             Till my next post, xoxo, God bless, Ophelia. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jingle bells, jingle bells ...

             A Blessed & Merry Christmas. May the Light of our Lord Jesus shine & bring All of us Hope, Peace, Love & Joy. 

              Sorry for being away so long as had so many fruit cake orders, twelve in all, as this year I decided to take the fruit cake orders just to get my blood pumping & of course to line my purse!!! I had fruit cake orders, savoury cup cake orders & if you were to ask me, am I tired? I will tell you that I was busy since mid November, marinating the dried fruits, and today was my last cake before Christmas & during that time, I blocked away the thought of tiredness as if I were to think of it, I think I would have caved in!!! So for now no more cake orders till after Boxing Day then there will be 2 more fruit cakes to be baked as my friends told me not to worry about baking them before Christmas & any time after Christmas would be fine :) & then my last cake for the year would be my Banana Rum Cheese cake to be collected on 31st December.  Then, haha, I have given myself "a week's leave" to rest & then it's back to baking mode again; 2 more fruit cakes & Orange cakes orders for CNY. I think I won't be taking any more than that for CNY as, though I had a good time baking, it involves a lot of "discipline" when you have to bake for friends and customers & doing a lot of baking, checking whether enuf ingredients & dashing to the ingredient shops when my "stock" run low. My poor husband, I haven't cooked a proper dinner for a month now but in between baking for orders, I did pamper him by baking my Sugee cake & Siew Pau for him. Knowing that it would be quite tiring I had to refuse a few orders with much regret as I wanted a day in between baking to rest a little otherwise I think I would have caved in!!! And best of all when I went to the cake ingredient shop 2 days ago, I saw an Angry Bird mould, bought it & can't wait for January so that I can "play" with it.  I would probably bake a cake & decorated with the Angry Bird & bring it to my favourite Orphanage & then I went to another ingredient shop a few doors away & this time I saw some Christmas & Halloween moulds & of course I had to buy these also & the shop owner said, "Wao you are very clever yah, to buy these even when Halloween has passed & Christmas 3 days away!!!" I was thinking to myself if you know me better, you would know that for me, it doesn't matter as I would now have more time to practise using same.

                 Wishing you all a Blessed & truly Merry Christmas & an auspicious 2014. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

From my heart to yours

              Shalom again :) I seem to be picking up from where I left off today. The Blog bug was bugging me to "pick up my pen" and start blogging again. 

              So here I am and today it is to post the picture of the Brownie cake I baked for the Hub's birthday.  I learnt same quite some time ago and have not tried baking same and yes, I do have this penchant of not trying something new earlier & then suddenly to "wake up" & decide to bake it & this time I had a good reason to do so.  

               For a few days I was conceptulazing in my mind that I would bake the Brownie cake & then for the topping, instead of doing the one which came with the Brownie recipe, I decided I would use another topping from another recipe that I learnt & yes, I did not make that topping too, & in essence  "to marry" the two of them together. That topping is a Chocolate Non Whipping Cream which is pure decadence; purrfect for my Chocoholic husband.  

                    I am not so much a Chocolate lover and have always love a cake that is light and never cared much for a dense cake.  Well this Brownie was slightly dense but moist as the sour cream in the cake made it moist and, as I type now I am shaking my head, to concur that the sour cream really did jump start the cake. So after he ate a piece of his birthday cake I asked him how did he find the cake, well the Chocoholic gave me a thumbs up and a 10/10 rating. He never ever gave me full marks for anything before, usually he would give me an 8 or 9 if he loves something as his rationale was that if he gave me full marks, I would not step up my game & reach the next level!!! But he got me wrong there as pure passion for baking & cooking runs alongside deep into my veins & I always wanting to reach out for the stars in my pursuit for both.
                  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


       And I wish you, "Shalom again". Sorry gals for not posting any recently as Christmas being round the corner and so many Fruit cake and birthday cake orders that I just have time to check my Blog daily. Yes, even though I have not posted any recently, my Blog is still very much a big part of myself, *wink, wink, I will be back with a vengence after the holidays, yah!!!

     Wishing all of you a Blessed Christmas. May the birth of our Lord, Jesus reminds us of the immense Love of the Trinity for us and reminds us of His suffering and Death on the Cross for our sins and yes, a very auspicious New Year too. God bless. Ophelia.