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Thursday, December 5, 2013

From my heart to yours

              Shalom again :) I seem to be picking up from where I left off today. The Blog bug was bugging me to "pick up my pen" and start blogging again. 

              So here I am and today it is to post the picture of the Brownie cake I baked for the Hub's birthday.  I learnt same quite some time ago and have not tried baking same and yes, I do have this penchant of not trying something new earlier & then suddenly to "wake up" & decide to bake it & this time I had a good reason to do so.  

               For a few days I was conceptulazing in my mind that I would bake the Brownie cake & then for the topping, instead of doing the one which came with the Brownie recipe, I decided I would use another topping from another recipe that I learnt & yes, I did not make that topping too, & in essence  "to marry" the two of them together. That topping is a Chocolate Non Whipping Cream which is pure decadence; purrfect for my Chocoholic husband.  

                    I am not so much a Chocolate lover and have always love a cake that is light and never cared much for a dense cake.  Well this Brownie was slightly dense but moist as the sour cream in the cake made it moist and, as I type now I am shaking my head, to concur that the sour cream really did jump start the cake. So after he ate a piece of his birthday cake I asked him how did he find the cake, well the Chocoholic gave me a thumbs up and a 10/10 rating. He never ever gave me full marks for anything before, usually he would give me an 8 or 9 if he loves something as his rationale was that if he gave me full marks, I would not step up my game & reach the next level!!! But he got me wrong there as pure passion for baking & cooking runs alongside deep into my veins & I always wanting to reach out for the stars in my pursuit for both.
                  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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