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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jingle bells, jingle bells ...

             A Blessed & Merry Christmas. May the Light of our Lord Jesus shine & bring All of us Hope, Peace, Love & Joy. 

              Sorry for being away so long as had so many fruit cake orders, twelve in all, as this year I decided to take the fruit cake orders just to get my blood pumping & of course to line my purse!!! I had fruit cake orders, savoury cup cake orders & if you were to ask me, am I tired? I will tell you that I was busy since mid November, marinating the dried fruits, and today was my last cake before Christmas & during that time, I blocked away the thought of tiredness as if I were to think of it, I think I would have caved in!!! So for now no more cake orders till after Boxing Day then there will be 2 more fruit cakes to be baked as my friends told me not to worry about baking them before Christmas & any time after Christmas would be fine :) & then my last cake for the year would be my Banana Rum Cheese cake to be collected on 31st December.  Then, haha, I have given myself "a week's leave" to rest & then it's back to baking mode again; 2 more fruit cakes & Orange cakes orders for CNY. I think I won't be taking any more than that for CNY as, though I had a good time baking, it involves a lot of "discipline" when you have to bake for friends and customers & doing a lot of baking, checking whether enuf ingredients & dashing to the ingredient shops when my "stock" run low. My poor husband, I haven't cooked a proper dinner for a month now but in between baking for orders, I did pamper him by baking my Sugee cake & Siew Pau for him. Knowing that it would be quite tiring I had to refuse a few orders with much regret as I wanted a day in between baking to rest a little otherwise I think I would have caved in!!! And best of all when I went to the cake ingredient shop 2 days ago, I saw an Angry Bird mould, bought it & can't wait for January so that I can "play" with it.  I would probably bake a cake & decorated with the Angry Bird & bring it to my favourite Orphanage & then I went to another ingredient shop a few doors away & this time I saw some Christmas & Halloween moulds & of course I had to buy these also & the shop owner said, "Wao you are very clever yah, to buy these even when Halloween has passed & Christmas 3 days away!!!" I was thinking to myself if you know me better, you would know that for me, it doesn't matter as I would now have more time to practise using same.

                 Wishing you all a Blessed & truly Merry Christmas & an auspicious 2014. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.


Nichole said...

Very Merry Christmas to you Ophelia!!!

House of Ophelia, Kamtun said...

Merry Christmas to you Nichole & an auspicious New Year. God bless.