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Sunday, January 19, 2014

A birthday cake with gum paste bootees for a cutie

           Wow, it has been a while since I blogged!!! First stop, would like to say "Welcome" to my latest follower and a Blessed & Happy 2014 to everyone.

           It had been a busy Nov - Dec for me.  Started marinating my fruits for the Christmas Fruit cake orders & for the whole of December it had been mainly the oven & me as on top of the Fruit cake orders, I had 12 orders for same, I had some birthday cake orders & a savoury Chicken cup cake order as my customer wanted to say thank you to her staff. A good friend asked me when I was still half way through my fruit cake orders as to whether I was tired & my reply was, "I don't want to think of the word "tired" at the moment, at the moment I dare not think of same!!! So after finishing all the cake orders by the 29th December; that's when, haha, I caved in!!! I took a break from baking & rested for a week and then it was the first few days of January 2014 & then the work started again.  A good friend of mine wanted me to bake my Chocolate cake for her daughter's 1 year old birthday party & she said she would leave me as to the Gum Paste decor.  I was glad to hear that as then it gave me a broad margin to let my imagination run wild. 

         Basically I had 2 minds about the decor.  I wanted to either mould baby's apparel or to mould bootees and I had large & small bootees moulds. I went for the latter as I am very much a "shoe person!!!" Making the larger bootees, which were about 3 1/2 inches, was hard But not Difficult!!! They were larger so it was "easier" to form the bootees.

        But the smaller bootees, which were about an inch, yes this was a little bit more difficult as they were small & haha, my fingers were "big" & I had to, almost, pretend that my fingers were "small" and they had to be nibble!!! Being small, it was a little hard for my finger to go inside the little bootee in order to either straighten it out or to adjust same But I had something on my side!!! God by my side & lots of passion & dedication. Finally when the smaller ones were ready, I made Royal Icing & piped the name of the little cutie on the small booties. 

         The best part was, as I was invited for the birthday bash, when I took the cake out of the cake box & placed it on the table, I was happy to see the look of astonishment on, not only the faces of the children but on the faces of the adults & they were busy snapping photos & telling me that it was beautifully made. That was enough reward.

        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.