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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Barbara - Part 1

              I have always been fascinated with Barbi dolls and I knew that the next project I wanted to tackle, when I had time at my disposal, was to, first, make a gum paste dress for my Barbi & then bake a cake & insert my Barbi in the cake.

              Well, I have never attempted moulding a dress from scratch nor for that matter, baked a tiny cake that would matching nicely, in terms of the height, with the doll. I dug deep into all my boxes to find a mould I could use for a top.  I started with a heart mould, & I had so many, many different heart moulds but the top became too revealing!!! Then I found a mould that was primarily for making Orchids which seemed purrfect for me as the top of the mould made it look like scallops.  I started with a White Fondant then I used Red & Blue Dust to get the slight purple look, as I love Purple!!! Then I noticed that the scallops were not noticeable so I used a Blue paste and painted the top of the scallops & voila, I was happy that the Blue gave it a nice touch. Then I steamed the colors with the aid of a boiling kettle of water, got the tip from various online tutorial & the steaming made the Blue even more prominent!!!

               I have always been one who could not resist buying things that took my fancy & there are times when that would be "sleeping" in a box until one day when I find a use for same so I was glad that I bought would now serve as a bottom part of her dress so I need to find some time next week to bake the cake and keeping my fingers crossed that cake wouldn't be a problem.

                Can't wait to find time in my schedule to experiment with baking the cake!!! Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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