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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bob, my second gum paste clown

             I never attempted to make any "standing" gum paste and I tot that since I had still a lot of gum paste, I would try my hand doing same. Reason why I never attempted was because I tot it would be hard to do same :) so meet Bob. 

           Yikes, I forgot to do his eye brows and eye ball!!! Actually when I saw a clown posted in pinterest, one of his hands was in one of the braces [yup, you "heard" me right!!! I goggled to check what it was called :) ] I though I would duplicate the same pose. It wasn't easy but I was determined to do it!!! So I used a sharp knife & gave a cut on its right arm so that I could bend the arm & then I slid it in one of the braces to support the arm.  I knew that once the arm has been dried I would have to remove the brace and make another one. 

                So the Hubs asked me why was the clog so big? Told him so that it would help to support the body!!! 

                    Inserting some tissue in the braces so that it could make enuf space for the hand to be inserted!!! 

                       Side view. 

                     Once the braces have dried, removed the tissue. 

                      Had to also remove the right brace as it didn't have a good finish!!! Saved the button though!!! 

                     Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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