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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My maiden attempt at Fondant Ribbons

         I feel very pumped indeed!!! I received a few Wilton tools, of course one of it is for making ribbons, as a gift & it wasn't even my birthday or Christmas thus it was unexpected & very pleasant indeed & making ribbons, it would be best to use Fondant & on saying this, as I am more into using my gum paste which I make from scratch for most of my decor work, I wanted to buy a good Fondant which is pliable as I don't want to add some more CMC, which makes the Fondant "slightly" harder & easier to work on so away I went to Cake Connections & bought the Fondant from there. 

          I bought a 2.5 kg of White Fondant & two 750 gm of Brown Fondant. I had a birthday gathering & I could use this Fondant Ribbons as the decor.   I have not decided as to what cake I would bake; perhaps, a Sugee cake which would withstand the weight of the Fondant then cover same with White Fondant; make some Brown Ribbons then I will criss cross 2 Brown Ribbons, sort of tying it like a present & place the Fondant Ribbons/Bow on top; yup like a present & maybe, just maybe, use a small round cutter & cut Brown circles & adhering same to the White Fondant intermittenly to give it a more joyful look but I first needed to make the Bow & as it is Fondant, it takes a longer time to dry so I started making a few of them each day. I started with White, narrower Bows & then progressed to Brown Fondant bows. 

               After rolling the Brown Fondant with my marble rolling pin, I used a Wilton roller which had Roses embossed on the roller, I used this Wilton roller for the final roll so that the Roses get imprinted on the Brown Fondant. Then I used my, ahem, new gift, the Wilton Ribbon cutter, & cut them into straps & forming it into a loop, I need to place them in my long, wooden rolling pin in order for them to dry & shape to adhere. I then did a double take; how am I going to dry them? I couldn't place the long, wooden rolling pin down to dry as then, it may flatten the Roses? I couldn't very well be holding the rolling pin!!! I have a Wilton drying rack, which I use for drying my flowers, but that was not suitable as the arm of the dry rack was flat so I can place the Fondant loops on it as it wouldn't retain the round shape. The solution was just staring at my face, so to speak!!! I had a basket on my dinning table, so I quickly went in search of 2 "S" pins, slotted the long wooden rolling pin on it & viola, a make shift drying rack!!! Haha, you know the saying, Necessity is the mother of invention?

                   Waited for a few hours before I gingerly took the Bows out from the rolling pin just to have a check as I knew I needed to dry it for a couple of days as Fondant does not harder fast enuf as compared to Gum Paste.


                 I love the purrfect symmetry in its shape & the roundness of it all!!! 

               And now for the down side :(  yup, everything has a good side & a down side.  I was also trying to achieve something I thought would be hard & yet easy, if you know what I mean :) I was using the eyelet mould to try to make some holey effect, if you see the FIRST picture above, you can see what I mean.  I knew it was going to be hard to achieve same & that probably can't be attempted just by one attempt.  I have always used Gum Paste as a medium for my decor which, of course I made myself after attending for the class many years ago.  I decided to use store bought Fondant & I bought the product from Cake Connection & saw at the back of the package that it was a product of NZ, I was happy. I rolled it slightly too thin. Thought that the bows would look more dainty but I forgot to take into account that the holes would sag slightly when I place it in the rolling pin.  So I had temporarily happiness when I saw how beautiful the holes made the Bow; like a see through effect; but my happiness was temporarily as after I hung it on the long wooden rolling pin to dry; it fell down, oooh nooooo!!! But it doesn't matter because going to doing it again, roll it slightly more thicker, most probably tonight & then it will be a battle of the wills between Mr Holey & me. 

                 Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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