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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Birthday cake with dresses & shoes theme

           Wow what a month it has been since I last posted. Was multi tasking!!! Marinating my dried fruits for my fruit cake Christmas orders, molding numerous shoes & dresses & had fun frilling the ruffles for the dresses but it was by no means easy; as it took an hour just to mold & frill one dress & I wanted to place the ruffled dresses around the side of the cake & placing the shoes on the top & then molding footballs & Daisies for 2 other Birthday cakes.


                                         Hehe, pair of different color tone for each day of the week :) 

               One thing for sure, the Birthday girl & some of the guests were over the moon & though, they were young adults, they couldn't quite get pass the chance of being a little girl again, though we can't push back the clock, I "manage" to achieve that impossibility for just a little while.

                   Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 


Danny said...

Wow beautifully designed cake. I love it. Surely, I will order this type of cake in my best friend birthday. Thank u so much for sharing.

Danny | Lazada Voucher

Zahid Shekh said...

Very nice and tasty article😋😋 Keep Sharing